Can Sex and The City help me be Sexier or a Sexonista?

by Vickie Retro
9 1/2 Weeks


Sexy is simple...fashionably sexy is totally different. 

I remember trying to dress like Kim Basinger in Nine 1/2 Weeks (I will discuss that film another time) to improve my sexy meter. It was my first sexonista experience, a pinstripe tailored suit with sheer black stockings, a garter belt and black patent pumps. Present time, I still fit into that outfit and the retro naughty gallery girl is still sexy to some dudes.

You don't have to break the bank and rack up credit debt on designer duds to look hot to trot.
If you are on pants patrol do the opposite and wear a skirt (black looks great on anyone). If you don't like wearing make up try some gloss and good shade of lipstick. If you are a bed head addict try a blow dryer for once.

You don't have to look like a supermodel but invest in YOU otherwise you will always be a plain potato in a sea of plain potatoes.  I know bad analogy but it is late and I need another Dr. Pepper.
 If you want to get the sexy Carrie Bradshaw look, check out this video:


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