Blizzard Blues or Red Hot Fun?

by Vickie Retro

Happy Holidays to everyone!

It sucks if you are stranded at an airport or delayed flying home...believe me I can empathize since my flight was delayed and I am stuck in a hotel staring at a snowy oasis. If you are home warm and safe with your loved ones make the most of the time together and cuddle.

I like to watch movies whenever I am stranded and of course, my selection is mostly 80's but Is It a Crime? (Sade riff) so without getting too dorky here is my What can I watch in a Blizzard - Sexy 80's Movie list:
  1. 9 1/2 Weeks (my top fave, planning to an do entire post on it) WB
  2. Dangerous Liaisons (the original - if you are wicked enough) WB
  3. Say Anything (Preppy Romantic or Hopeless Romantic) Fox
  4. Loverboy (McDreamy back in the 80's) Crescent Film Ent.
  5. Mystic Pizza (fun, romantic, pizza and Julia Robert's with really big hair) Night Life Inc.
  6. White Palace (the original Susan Sarandon) Universal
  7. When Harry Met Sally ( know) Castle Rock now WB
You may be wondering why seven 80's films instead of 10 or 5? Well, because I don't like to do the same thing twice and I would hope you don't plan to watch that many movies (hint) with your lover, boyfriend, partner, girlfriend or beneficial friend mate.

If you don't have access to Netflix or On Demand try these sites (I am not paid to endorse these sites and mylunakiss does not endorse my opinions - surf at your own risk.
  • You Tube (movies in 10 minute intervals) - safest site - never have a problem
  • Fancast - not totally free but seems legitimate
  • Go to the website of the production company and you can download the movie to own for a fee or rent for a much smaller fee.
  • - index guide to movies and videos and they claim to check the sites(most viewed next to YouTube)
  • Google - search for a movie and click on videos


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