10 Romantic Holiday Gifts under $10

Can you really spend $10 and get something Romantic for the Holidays? 

Yes, I personally checked this stuff out and it is worth it. Remember it is the thought that counts not the price of the gift.
  1. Massage Oils
  2. Candles Starbucks Card - always great no matter what
  3. Sephora Collection Pocket Bling Pop-Up Brush
  4. MyLunaKiss.com - Romantic Lingerie (if you enter thank40 you get an additional 30% of your order or any order regardless of price)
  5. Self Portrait or Picture of You and Her
  6. Godiva.com - Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit Gift Pack (12 pc.)
  7. Sanrio.com - Hello Kitty Carry Pouch: Logo
  8. Skinit.com - create her own IPhone Skin - a bit more than $10 but Free Shipping
  9. ThingsRemembered.com - personalized gifts


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