What Perfume Attracts a Man?

Your scent does make a difference....
by Luna Lugo, mylunakiss.com

It is a known fact that perfume smells different on each person because our bodies are different. Never spray too much perfume or you will overpower a man with your scent before you enter the room.

I personally can't wear perfume because I suffer from allergies so I will wear oils or my personal scent. My husband is happy with my smell and so am I.

According to Discovery News, a woman's natural scent is more appealing than expensive perfume.

If you must seek a perfume for your pleasure then Glamour has the best article on what perfumes attract a man because they actually took time to survey. Yes, it is not new but I like to view historical articles because not much has changed over the past year.  If you have time it is worth a minute or two.

My summary of the top scents for men according to the Glamour video for your pleasure (I added my personal view of the perfumes that match the scent):

Try to avoid wearing fussy florals, powder scents and super fruity scents.

I was on the subway last week and two women got on and used a very fruity lotion. The scent wafted into the car so strong that all the men moved to the opposite side in fear.
Remember before you spend tons of cash on fragrance take time to figure out your signature scent. You may be surprised that your best scent is YOU.


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