Top 10 Romantic Things to do for Winter

The Holidays can be a romantic and sexy time.
by Luna Lugo

It is tough during the holidays to make time for the love of your life but I believe it is worth the effort.
I try to balance visiting both sides of the family (three visits in one day), catching up with cousins, and running after my 3 year old in between stuffing and dessert. Yikes.

Every year, I claim a couple days during this time for cheer and reflection and dare I say...romance?

I hope you take the time to do at least one or two of these things with your lover or significant other.

Top 10 Romantic Things to do during the Holidays
  1. Create a romantic dinner for two - doing things together is fun if it is not taken too seriously. Avoid complicated recipes instead try macaroni and cheese in truffle oil or pasta with pesto and good bottle of wine.
  2. Schedule Dinner and a Movie night, go see a film with your partner, some of the best films are released in December...just in time for the Oscars.
  3. Go ice skating - many rinks are open during this time if you want to avoid the crowds go early on Saturday or Sunday and then go to Brunch.
  4. Book a place to stay off season for the night - a house by the beach may be cold outside but warm by the fire and a lot cheaper than a hotel in the city.
  5. Take a stroll through your favorite park, bring a blanket and a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne.
  6. Breakfast in bed for two - make each other breakfast and sleep in. Ladies, please dress in sexy lingerie.
  7. Take a bath together, candles, rose petals, oils can figure out the rest.
  8. Write each other a love letter and when you have a quiet moment read it to each other. This may sound a bit old fashioned but a text or email does not suffice. You will treasure that letter years from now, believe me.
  9. Go for a walk together for one hour if your free time is limited. Try to hold hands when you walk together. Physical contact with someone you love is priceless.
  10. Make plans for a new romantic interlude before the next holiday.
It does not matter what you do as long as you are spending time with the person you love or care deeply about. Life is short ...don't waste it on rhubarb pie.


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