Thanksgiving Love Story - 2010

Love blossoms during the holidays!
by Barbie Kiss

Everyone loves a happy ending or a good love story. I like both and a good sexcapade but I am horny that way.

In the spirit of sharing and caring, I am sharing a Thanksgiving love story.

It is the story of two soul mates that were not aware of their connection until 15 years later. They met many years ago as friends, there was a chance to go out on a date on several occasions but it was a missed opportunity for both. As most of you know... timing is everything

Then one day, they found each other, it was - I guess fate in some ways and the benefits of cyberspace.

He decided to initiate contact and she responded and then the conversation started between them first via email and then over the phone and then via text. Over the next several months, their connection deepened from a great friendship to love to in love to soul mates. They did not plan to meet because both lived very far away from each other.

Finally they set a date to meet, she was nervous because she was not sure what to expect. He was nervous because he wanted this moment to happen so many years ago. They finally met and it was more than expected. The electricity between them was beyond words. They gazed at each other and the world paused because they were so immersed. They held hands and there was chills and then they kissed before they parted ways it was cosmic.

I am sure you are wondering what happened to this couple....? I wonder at times myself but that moment will be with them forever.

My point is life is short so live it without fear.

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