Morning Glory...The revised 80's Broadcast News Film

Can I say.... I love Rachel McAdams! 

McAdam's is a breath of fresh air in the murky waters of young female movie actors that tend to meld into one glob.  McAdam's reminds me of a young Julia Roberts mixed in with the grace of a young Gweneth Paltrow or a Diane Lane perhaps even a young Sally Field with "Gidget" qualities.

McAdam's portrays strong and vulnerable charachters and that are easy to admire and love. She is a woman's woman and you want her to do well in her roles - win the guy or land that job in this film.

Morning Glory is based on a young hot shot television producer that has to revive a struggling morning show.


Check out Morning Glory it is in theaters now. 

If you are curious about Broadcast News, click here.

We nominate Rachel McAdams Woman of the Month.

McAdams will appear in the following films for 2011:
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