Married to Rock - Should we follow their relationship tips?

The women on Married to Rock may know a thing or two about keeping a relationship sexy.

by Barbie Kiss

My guilty pleasure each week is to watch mindless reality TV.

My new favorite is E's Married to Rock!

I can't help but be mesmerized by these bouncy bombshell blonds that look amazing, juggle family and their Rock husband's egos.

What is so insane to me is that these woman actually get along - fabulous! The random cat fight staged for every reality show over the most mundane crap in the first five minutes is absent.

I have learned a couple things in the last several weeks:

  • Look hot at all times - try my best except in the morning.
  • Have an active sexual appetite - not a problem unless I am in PMS land  
  • Rockin body and some extra boobage if needed - my weight fluctuates but I love working out it - is like an aphrodisiac for me and I don't have a problem with my cleavage ...for now.
  • Don't be jealous - hard to do for any woman - even Rock Wives but it is not worth it.
    If you did not get a chance to see  Married to Rock check out the Married to Rock highlights.


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