Lingerie for the Holidays?

MyLunaKiss Holiday Lingerie Collection

Why do women need to buy special lingerie for the holidays? What is so special about it? Why can't we wear the babydolls, corsets and gowns we wore during the season?

Well, because women deserve something extra special during this special time. Many wedding proposals are made during the holidays - according to the and article by Cori Russel over 1 million couples will get engaged this holiday season.

More people forge relationships during this time. I know I like to look amazing for my husband during the holidays especially on New Year's Eve. So, treat yourself because you deserve it and if you don't have that special someone yet and believe me it is totally okay if you don't...look good for you. That special someone is out there for you.

 Remember you have to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. So how does this relate to holiday lingerie? Well, you deserve it!


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