Jessica Simpson - A Sexy American Woman

by Ms. CurvyKiss

Can I confess I adore Jessica Simpson:)

I love her bubbly, naive at times but killer marketing maven ways. Anyone that says Happy Christmas in their journal (on her website) is truly a person to marvel.

Jessica Simpson is a triple threat in less aggressive ways than her other counterparts in the entertainment biz. I am not sure if she can dance but she can hit a high note honey, she has acted in several movies (Blond Ambition, Dukes of Hazzard) but I am patiently waiting for her to star in a dramatic role. The Jessica Simpson Collection of shoes, handbags, swimwear, lingerie, outerwear, and even luggage, sold at department stores and on the site, earns a mind-boggling $500 million annually.

Well, bacon and butter that is truly a lot of cash. Simpson products are totally wearable and competitively priced, I have a pair of her shoes and one a recently bought a handbag.

Too often Simpson is featured in the tabloids for her fluctuating weight or her love life like recently getting engaged (congrats!) and not enough exposure on the good things she does like the brief series on VH1 - The Price of Beauty. I call it a "you better watch" for anyone but especially women (like me at times) that question their own beauty. Simpson makes an effort to share with her viewers what beauty means around the world and at the end of the day it is what inside that counts.

I know we have all heard it before but take me from a voluptuous honey like is true that you have to love yourself first and strive to be your most beautiful inside before you work on your exterior. I always say you can't have a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly.

In May 2010, Jessica Simpson was featured in Marie Claire, titled The Real Jessica, untouched and natural...and if that is not enough Jessica for ya...check out The 40 Things You Don't Know about Jessica Simpson. I love Marie Claire at times I tell ya.

If you like the visual things take a moment to view the tribute to Jessica Simpson.


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