Ballerinas are hot again?

Ballerinas are graceful and sexy?

 by Vicki Kiss
In the 80's every girl (including me) owned a glossy poster of ballet slippers on their wall. I wanted to be a ballerina but never took a class. I day dreamed of becoming a dancer and educated myself in the world of dance by watching the popular televiosion show Fame or the movie Flashdance  a zillion times.

I know I should have watched PBS but my idol was Madonna (another dancer). 

Fast forward to present day and ballerinas are back in vogue -or are we repeating the 80's - two decades later?

First, there is the highly anticipated Black Swan with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman who portray ballerina rivals in a sexual thriller. According to the LA Times, both actresses trained professionally for their roles as dance doubles like in Flashdance - all those pirouttes by Portman are real.

Second, the 2011 Spring line by Chloe featuring ballerina chic according to Fashionista, thin waify models with tight buns and pleated skirts, white wrap dresses, taupe body suits paired with pants in the same tone - the classic ballerina uniform...very Audrey Hepburn.
Last but not least (his ego won't allow it) it would be unfair to pontificate about the ballerina without mentioning Kanye West.

"Mr. West seems virtually incapable of making a bad record." according to a recemt New York Times article.

Degas Painting from FL

Kanye's epic musical masterpiece includes his obsession with ballerinas. Runaway is a 34 minute music video I mean music film - featuring a dozen ballerinas and Mr. West playing James Bond/Beethoven running and playing a piano. I can't help but be sarcastic so I apologize to the West fans, I don't mean to offend. 

So why the sudden interest in ballerinas? Not sure, but my love for Degas paintings never waned and I hope we don't have to wait another 20 years to appreciate the beauty, grace and innocent sensuality of a ballerina.


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