Is Animal Print Sexy?

It seems that animal prints are all the rage this season, pick up any magazine on the new stand and chances or some sexy celebrity is wearing leopard or Kim Kardashian and Chloe Kardashian.

All of the top fashion designers incorporated animal prints into their 2010 and 2011
Fashion collections.

Marc Jacobs showcased animal prints for Spring 2011. He was inspired by the chinoiserie and the 1920s.

"Animal prints are hotter than a leather seat in the middle of summer." quote. 

Can anyone be sexy in Animal Prints?

Yes, and that is why I suggest you review the animal print guide before you venture out into the wild.

"Animal Print Wear it Sexy Guide":
  • Don't wear multiple animal prints together, choose one print and pair it with a solid.
  • Don't wear an animal print dress with animal print shoes.
  • Don't buy a fad style in animal print because most likely you won't want to wear it once the season is over.
  • If you must buy a animal print fad - spend 40% less than you normally so if you don't wear your fad outfit ever again it was not a waste of money.
  • Go for classic animal print styles like a camisole, cardigan or classic coat.
  • Buy Designer vintage animal prints because they will increase in value over time.
  • Do purchase animal print accessories. I still wear my vintage animal print sunglasses. 
  • Be more adventurous with lingerie and try on different animal print styles like giraffe bra and thong , leopard camisole set or zebra body stocking.
  • Explore your wild side with animal print lingerie because it is never out of style.

If you are looking for animal print lingerie check out Wild Things at

....stay tuned for the History of Animal Prints.


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