JLO is sexy, sassy and bootyified!

What makes the sexy Latina triple threat so hot?

Could it be her amazing body or her attitude? I think it’s a combination of both as well as her star quality.

I was not a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez when she started in the film business but since Selena my interest has grown over the years despite her recent movie role choices that seem to be less than stellar, can I say... El Cantante.

One thing that JLo is good is looking fashionably delish and she celebrates her curvy figure. She has confidence, style and yes "swagger"!

Attention sexy curvy chicks - take note of her classy picks for sumptuous derriere accents!
I am sure Jennifer Lopez's lingerie choices are based on the same stylish flair as her clothes - loose tops that drape, bikini top dresses with wide skirts in the best fabrics, long empire waist dresses, A-Line dresses, tight pants with loose tops or tight tops with tailored loose pants, wide waist cinching belts for the hourglass fit.

Jennifer Lopez wears the best designer clothes, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Michael Kors to name a few it is so amazing how she can fit into so many guises as seen in her Elle 2008 Cover Shoot. Her lingerie selection show cuts that accent her curves like booty shorts and clingy tops, finest lace and butter leather corsets.
I am inspired by Jennifer Lopez's attitude. Her recent appointment as a judge on American Idol is no surprise and it seems she is on every magazine cover like the September issue of Glamour.
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