- Top 10 Things Men Will Never Tell You - Updated

by Barbie Kiss

You may have read lists like this before in your favorite magazine or on a blog or in a book but most of it is common sense.

This is one of my first blog posts and I decided to resurrect it and update it because I have so many questions about men recently.

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I have spent years with men of all kinds as friends, lovers and some are like brothers (I never wanted or resented) as well as researching, reading and surveying men on how they think.

Every man is different and they don't fall into a group but some traits are similar. Hope you enjoy reading - Top 10 Things Men Will Never Tell You - Updated.

  • If you approach one of your guy friends at a bar or a venue and he is hanging with his friends when you walk away the first question they will ask your friend (if they are attracted to you)  is “Have you slept with her?” Can I talk to her? As I have stated in the past, Sex is on men's minds at least several times a day. They can't help it and it is nothing personal most of the time except if the guy is a jerk.
  • Men will pretend to be interested in everything you say in the beginning but half the time they are not listening. If you really want attention keep your stories brief in the beginning. Most people (men or women) are not focused on any subject after 5 minutes. Try to keep things brief even after the initial meeting unless you are a really good storyteller. Be honest with yourself...Do you pay attention to anyone speaking to you after five minutes about one topic?
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  • Men love mysterious women the less mystery the quicker they become bored. Don't be PREDICTABLE but don't lie either. You don't have to share every detail of your day with your future mate. It is not necessary to constantly gab...sometimes silence is golden. See my favorite Pulp Fiction clip.
  • Men don’t tell you everything they do so when you ask “How was your day?” they are leaving out things that they may never tell you. Most of of the time it is not anything significant so don't be alarmed BUT if you notice your mate (after the relationship is cemented) is not sharing much at all or keeping things private then you may want to ask if everything is okay. Please don't automatically think it is about you either. The world does not revolve around YOU.
  • Men gossip about their girlfriends with their friends and some may kiss and tell. If your man shares too much and you find out at the next social gathering that everyone knows your kinkiest position in bed - you may want to let him know that it is not okay unless you don't mind.
  • Some men love drama. Ever wonder why certain crazy girls can be in a long relationship with a man that seems sane (you feel sorry for him when you first meet - poor you and the crazy woman) - it may be for the thrill and the excitement. Stay away from MEN who have crazy ex-girlfriends that don't seem to ever go away, unless the have eliminated the crazy ex girlfriend or told the ex-wife to behave. People who are not happy or are extremely insecure don't want you to be either (even if they find another mate).
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  • There are more men involved in threesomes than ever before. It is possible your lover may have done that in the past or is interested in a threesome. Don't offer to do that unless you can handle it. If you are being pressured to do it and don't want a three play - be clear about it because it may destroy your relationship. If you are open a 3 way party be sure you are really okay with him being physical with someone else.
  • More straight men are into anal sex with women so if you are willing to go down that path be prepared to be asked for an encore. There is never a let's do it just this one time.
  • Most men like women that are willing to explore their sexuality beyond the "missionary" position. Be open to new experiences as long as you feel comfortable. Nothing says YAWN like oatmeal everyday. 
  • Most men like to have sex more than once a week and if they don’t chances are it is because they are tired, depressed, stressed out, angry about something or at you, or they are interested in someone one else. Find out if they are okay by showing you care without being condescending or paranoid. Show affection and patience before lashing out at them about how they behavior hurts you. Remember it is not about you all the time!
The most important thing is to be confident, secure, positive and understanding. If you can remember to keep those attributes a priority - you will be happier and so will your mate.


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