Mob Wives Obsession

Strip Club Featured in Sopranos
We are obsessed with Vh1 Mob Wives and not for the reasons you may or may not think.

We don't tune in for the brawls and the bold attitude of these women (although it is exciting and disturbing in a very confusing fashion) it's the strength and the struggle of the feisty women who remain strong and fashionably sexy.

We are not glorifying violence and we don't back everything that happens on the VH1 Mob Wives reality show but we are drawn to it like a thirsty man craving for water in the desert...maybe it's because we miss HBO's Sopranos and Mob Wives is most similar? 

Do we need Mob Addiction Therapy?

Drea De Matteo - Sopranos

Stay Tuned for our MyLunakiss recap of VH1 Mob Wives for Season 2.

We hope you enjoy reading and watching MyLunaKiss Mob Wives Obsession!MyLunakiss Mob Wives Article Log: (chronological order oldest to new)

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