Sluts don't lie...or do they?

by Barbie Kiss

'SLUT' such a dirty word but I've heard much worse listening to the morning news so give me a break! I'm taking a break from writing about corsets and French maids. If you don't like, it lump it.

Sluts Don't Lie is a tall tale or is it non fiction? 

Not sure but let's dive in shall we....
Coney Island, Shoot the Freak
Her name is Roxy and she lives in Brooklyn, NY near Coney Island with her family. 

Roxy's life is a mess...she lives with a distant and numb father and an over medicated mother that pours juice in her cereal and burns her toast.

Roxy doesn't like the morning scene and is sick of the madness as she ends her 20's - living at home with her parents ..she is part of the "sandwich generation". 

Roxy can't find a steady job but she has several gigs: virtual assistant, dog walker and occasional hostess at this burlesque Red Hook..whenever they call her. She makes more money than most of her grumpy friends since her jobs are off the books and the tips are heavy - (not the jingly cup kind on the subway...whenever you hear the man asking for whatever you can spare ...try giving him your pancakes from Sunday brunch and see how annoyed he gets.)

Roxy decides she can no longer tolerate her untidy situation and decides she needs to move out and find another hole in the wall of her own. She looks at the classified and calls the ad listing for a roommate desperately seeking any Susan to help her make the rent by month end.

"Hi, my name is Roxy and I can move in this that cool?" In less than the time it takes for Roxy to comb her hair she has new place to lay her red head.

I digress for a moment...what the bleep does this short tale have to do with the title? Nada, I wanted to get your attention.

Roxy moves out and starts the solo life with a roommate - who is not important enough to elaborate on in this story. Since Roxy becomes a regular at the burlesque club  her tips get heavier (she replaces the Blonde that got in trouble for dating one of the rules "what happens at the Club X...stays at the Club X". )

Burlesque Dancer

Roxy knows she can't do tricks like the other dancers but she can flirt... not for free though and she needs the cash so she can go to San Francisco and find her voice (honest she always wanted to go to CALI and figured what the hay). 

One night at the club she spots him  (her cash cow) he enters the club...tall, lean, muscular with jet black hair like the lead singer of Depeche Mode but less pale. Roxy saunters over and says "I've got your number" staring into his eyes and leaning in close enough to whisper but not so close that it becomes creepy...a trick Roxy learned that helps her get her the right kind of attention.

He stares back and says nothing but he is staring. at her...Roxy thinks that this is working in her favor and gives him a sly smile and then takes his hand and leads him to the bar. "What are you drinking? it will be on me...wink..wink." He shrugs.

Roxy orders vodka straight little ice. As they wait she stares at him while applying her strawberry organic gloss without looking away from his eyes. He smirks and his eyes sparkle.

Toxic Kiss

She sees the bartender with the drinks and grabs her drink  from him. She swallows quickly enough for the warmth of the vodka to take over and heat her throat. She holds onto the the ice cube with her tongue and then she and kisses Mr. Depeche letting the ice travel from her lips to his lips. The kiss is intoxicating and she feels herself tremble as he touches the slight of her bare back. 

No need for words just more Vodka and ice... wink ...wink.

Lips and Ice Cube

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